About Me

Oh, thank you for asking. I'm a 27 year old woman trying to be an adult in Ottawa, Canada. I'm a bisexual, introvert, atheist, cinephile, geek, and feminist. I was born on Halloween. I wear all black. I like cemeteries, black cats, and witches. I own far too much My Little Pony merchandise. I've been making videos for YouTube for ten years. I've had blogs for even longer. My podcasts are just two years old. I don't have a real life career; I have day jobs. I spend the rest of my time watching movies, thinking about movies, writing about movies, talking about movies, and smashing the patriarchy.

Movies: Michel Gondry, Sofia Coppola, Tarsem Singh, Studio Ghilbli, Audrey Hepburn, Brit Marling, Laika, Marvel
TV: Doctor Who, Broad City, Happy Endings, Gilmore Girls, Sherlock, British panel shows, Orphan Black, Ruby Gloom, BBC Nature, Firefly, Jessica Jones, Bryan Fuller
Music: BANKS, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Wet, Karmin, MisterWives, Lights, Ellie Goulding, Halsey, Marina & the Diamonds
YouTube: Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, Anna Akana, TableTop, Co-Optitude, Just Between Us, Yulin Kuang, Hazel Hayes, Dodie Clark, Rose & Rosie, Alayna Fender, Ash Hardell
Books: Powerful Warrior Queen Smart Creator Lady memoirs (Felicia Day, Mindy Kaling, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Gilbert, Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Fey, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, Amy Poehler)
Things: Gnomes, skulls, black, gold, board games, fairy tales, cheesey snacks, retro video games, cupcakes, Harley Quinn

No Sex in My City: I’ll be going through (almost) every Sex and the City episode, discussing the story lines, topics, issues, and problems that come up. Sex, relationships, friendships, society, culture. If our four favorite women are going through it, I’m writing about it. 
Once Upon a Movie: I love fairy tales and anything to do with fairy tales. I compare fairy tale movies to the original fables and we see what was changed, exempted, or glossed over.
Girl I Love: There are so many incredible women out there, I just have to tell you about some of my favorites.
That Time I: Join me for a walk down memory lane as I reflect on pieces of my past that have made me who I am today.